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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Recent participation in Debates

NLSIU was represented at this year's Cambridge Intervarsity Debate (Nov. 18-19, 2005) by Sanhita Ambast and Adhiraj Singh.
The team consisting of Aditya Sudarshan and Aniruddha Sen were winners at the Premchand Memorial Parliamentary-style Debate hosted by Hindu College, New Delhi (Dec. 7-9, 2005). Samrat Singh and Kalrav Mishra constituted our second team at the same competition. Both teams also represented NLSIU at the Mukherjee Memorial Debate organised by St. Stephen's College, New Delhi (Dec. 9-12, 2005).
Arghya Sengupta and V.R. Neelakantan attended the 26th World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) at University College Dublin (Dec. 27, 2005-Jan. 4, 2006). Gitanjali Brandon participated as the accompanying adjudicator.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Schedule for activities at Le'GALA 2005

‘Legala’ is the Inter-collegiate literary and cultural festival hosted every year by National Law School of India University, Bangalore. This year’s edition marks 10 years of the same. For details on the specific activities see post titled 'Competitions at Le'gala 2005' in this blog.

Day ‘Zero’ (December 15, 2005)
1800 hrs ‘Rampart’, the Inter-collegiate fashion show/Quadrangle

Day ‘One’ (December 16, 2005)
1000 hrs Dumb Charades (prelims + finals)/Quadrangle
1000 hrs Elocution/Room 2
1000 hrs Mad Art/ Room 3
1030 hrs Antakshari(prelims)/Basketball Court
1000 hrs Sports Quiz (prelims)/Room 1
1100 hrs Entertainment and Literary Quiz (prelims)/Room 1
1200 hrs 20 Questions (prelims+ finals)/Room 3 and 4
1400 hrs Movie spoof and Mono Acting/Quadrangle
1400 hrs Antakshari (finals)/Basketball Court
1600 hrs Sports Quiz (finals)/Room 1
1800 hrs Entertainment and Literary Quiz (finals)/Room 1
1800 hrs Choreography and Freestyle Dance/Quadrangle
1000-1800 ‘Strawberry fields’(prelims-Day 1)/Palace Grounds

All day activities: Photography, Flower-arrangement, Rangoli, Mehndi, Collage-making, Creative writing (Announcement of topics-Essays, Short stories, Poems)

Day ‘Two’ (December 17, 2005)
1000 hrs Pictionary (prelims)/Room 1 and 2
1000 hrs Eastern Music (singing events)/Basketball Court
1000 hrs JAM (prelims + finals)/Quadrangle
1000 hrs Just-a-minute Sketching game/Room 3
1130 hrs What’s the good word? (prelims)/Room 1
1400 hrs Mini Musical/Quadrangle
1400 hrs Street Play/Basketball Court
1300 hrs Pictionary (finals)/Room 4
1500 hrs Extempore public speaking/Quadrangle
1500 hrs What’s the Good Word? (finals)/Room 1
1700 hrs Collegiate General Quiz (prelims + finals)/Room 4
1800 hrs Playfest/Quadrangle
1000-1800 ‘Strawberry fields’(prelims-Day 2)/Palace Grounds

All day activities: Painting and Sketching, Cartooning, Face and Toe Painting, Clay-modelling, Creative writing (submissions)

Day ‘Three’ (December 18, 2005)
1000 hrs Western Music (singing events)/Basketball Court
1000 hrs Pot-Pourri (Prelims + finals)/Room 1
1300 hrs The NLS Open Quiz (prelims+ finals)/Quadrangle
1700 hrs ‘Strawberry Fields’ (Finals)/Palace Grounds

Please note that the ‘Playfest’ (Dec. 17, 1800 hrs), ‘NLS Open Quiz’ (Dec. 18, 1300 hrs) and ‘Strawberry Fields’ (BUT OBVIOUSLY!) are open to all irrespective of age or institutional affiliation. All other activities are restricted to College students (PUC/Undergrad/Postgrad). Please register in advance for ‘Rampart’ (fashion show), ‘Strawberry Fields’(Rock-show) and ‘Playfest’ (Stage-play competition) require registration in advance. For all other activities, just land up at the NLSIU campus.

Contacts (for rules, advance registration, queries et al)

1. Legala (Cultural Section): (Kranthi V. 0-9886326167, Nipun Vaid 0-9886170195)
2. Legala (Literary Section): (Siddhartha Sen 0-9886247217, Sidharth Chauhan 0-9886922576)
3. Rampart (fashion show):
(Pranay 0-9886485858)
4. Strawberry Fields(Rock show):
(Roshan B. 0-9886946640, Vishakh 0-9886486616)
5. Accommodation for out-station participants:
(M.V. Swaroop 0-9886259792)

Postal address: The Student Bar Association,
National Law School of India University, PO Bag 7201,
Nagarbhavi, Bangalore (560072)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The 4th National Law School Debate

November 10-13, 2005

The 4th NLS Debate lived up to its’ billing of being India’s largest parliamentary style debating championship. 31 teams from 21 institutions from all over the subcontinent competed in the tournament with 5 Pakistani and 2 Sri Lankan teams in the pool.
In this year’s format, each team consisted of 3 speakers and an accompanying adjudicator. There were 5 preliminary rounds where in each round all teams were drawn in pairs to play matches as either a Government or an Opposition. This means that with 16 matches being held consecutively in each preliminary round, we conducted 80 preliminary matches in all. After the long debating sessions on November 11 and 12, the top 8 teams proceeded to the quarter-finals.
The programme was not merely about argumentation. The opening briefing on November 10 was followed by a boisterous ‘Dandiya Night’ and the fact that the preliminary rounds were starting after-class hours meant that the NLSIU campus was abuzz with activity late into the night on November 11 and 12. Sumati Dwivedi and V.R. Neelakantan of NLSIU served as the Chief Adjudicators for the tournament and between rounds several teams would catch them with questions about how adjudicators were assigned to particular matches and how some teams got a raw deal from their respective benches. At the same time, the organisation team was mostly on its toes with running problems like some participants going missing before briefing sessions and some adjudicators filling wrong scores. In the middle of this chaotic setting, the debating went on and many new friendships were forged.
The quarter-finals were held on a Saturday night (November 12) and after some closely contested matches the teams from Sri Venkateshwara College (New Delhi), RVCE (Bangalore), IIT-Delhi and Lahore University of Management Sciences emerged as the semi-finalists. After the quarter-finals, all participants and organizers were ferried to a farmhouse on the outskirts for a late-night party.
The semi-finals happened on a Sunday afternoon (November 13) with IIT-Delhi and LUMS reaching the final. The proposition argued in the final related to India being given a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. It was quite a tame definition compared to some of the complex linkages which had been drawn in the preliminaries. Since last year’s championship had gone to the other side of the border, it was IIT-Delhi’s turn to maintain the law of averages by taking home the rolling trophy. Mohammed Ali Jan of LUMS was declared Best speaker (from among 93 contenders) for the tournament and Dhruv Vohra from Venkateshwara (Delhi) was the Best speaker in the special round on Good-Governance related motions. The main sponsors for the event were the BASF Group (the third year in a row) and ING Vysya Life Insurance with Tata Chemicals Ltd. and Nitrex Chemicals India Ltd. as the Associate Sponsor.

The following institutions were represented at the 4th NLS Debate:
• Amity Law School, New Delhi
• Army Institute of Law, Mohali
• Christ College, Bangalore
• Faculty of Law, University of Colombo
• Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, NWFP, Pakistan
• Government Law College, Trivandrum
• Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
• Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi
• Lahore School of Economics
• Lahore University of Management Sciences
• MSRIT, Bangalore
• NALSAR, Hyderabad
• National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Cochin
• NUJS, Kolkata
• Ram Jas College, New Delhi
• Ram Lal Anand College, New Delhi
• RVCE, Bangalore
• Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi
• Sri Venkateshwara College, New Delhi
• St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
• Symbiosis Law College, Pune

The Literary and Debating Society of NLSIU would like to thank the sponsors, participants and all those who contributed to the organisation of the 4th NLS Debate. Rest assured, the 5th NLS Debate in 2006 will be a much bigger affair.

Contact the Literary and Debating Society 2005-06 (LnD)
Sidharth Chauhan: 0-9886922576
Siddharth Sen: 0-9886247217

Schedule for 4th NLS Debate (November 10-13, 2005)

November 10, 2005 (Thursday)
Morning Teams arrive in Bangalore
1600 Registration starts in Old Library Hall, NLSIU
1700 Introductory Briefing
1730 Demonstration Debate
1900 Feedback, Clarifications
2000 Welcoming Dinner
2100 ‘Dandiya Night’ (Hosted by Cultural and Fine Arts Committee, NLSIU) in the Quadrangle
2300 Transport back to Lodgings

November 11, 2005 (Friday)
1200-1300 Teams arrive in NLSIU campus
1245 Lunch
1345 Teams report for Round 1 in Old Library Hall
1400-1530 Round 1
1630 Teams report for Round 2
1645-1815 Round 2
1915 Teams report for Round 3
1930-2100 Round 3
2100 Dinner
2230 Transport back to Lodgings

November 12, 2005 (Saturday)
1200-1300 Teams arrive in NLSIU campus
1245 Lunch
1345 Teams report for Round 4
1400-1530 Round 4
1630 Teams report for Round 5 Old Library Hall
1645-1815 Round 5
1915 Announcement of Break
1945 Breaking Teams report for Q/F’s
2000-2130 Quarter-finals
2130-2230 Buses leave for Party Venue
2200 Late-Night Party
0200-0300 Transport back to Lodgings

November 13, 2005 (Sunday)
1000 Teams report for S/F’s
1030-1200 Semi-finals
1430 Audience gathers for Finals
1500-1600 Finals
1600 Prize Distribution and Acknowledgments

November 14, 2005 (Monday)
Teams start leaving Bangalore

Chief Adjudicators: Sumati Dwivedi(0-9986198230)
V.R. Neelakantan(0-9342509011)
Convenor: Sidharth Chauhan (0-9886922576)
Hospitality: Siddharth Sen (0-9886247217)
Arghya (0-9886023232)
Tabulation Unit: Meghana Reddy, (0-9886486640)
Transport: Adhiraj Singh (0-9886590701)
Food: Sameer Pandit (0-9886486607)
Infrastructure: Mohd. Nizam Pasha
Press and Publicity: Kalyani Ramnath (0-9880192436)
Nirupama Pillai (0-9886290069)
Registration: Supriya Juneja (0-9886129003)
Prizes and Certificates: Uttara Gharpure (0-9886054996)
Socials: Kamya Rajagopal(0-9886250699)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bumper turn-out for Debate Selections

This year’s internal selections for parliamentary-style debating drew a record 72 participants in the preliminary rounds (conducted on Sept. 13, 14 and 17, 2005) much to the discomfort of the two judges from RVCE. Competition for the 20 speakers’ slots in Round 2 was tight and quite a few of the ‘one-on-one’ clashes made for interesting viewing. The news to cheer about is that the number of participants was more than that for this year’s Moot Court Selections, which drew 62 people in the opening rounds. Our ‘critics’ would say that it has more to do with the fact that 15 minutes of preparation for a debate speech cannot be compared to the weeks of work that goes into writing memorials.
The results of the preliminary rounds were not free from controversy since the marks under the heading of ‘matter’ were used to resolve a tie between the 17th and 22nd places. In that case the person ranked 21 had lots of reasons to complain.
Round 2 of the Speakers’ selections was conducted on Sept. 21 and 22, 2005 with the 20 qualifiers forming 2 member teams and each team playing two matches. Rishikesh Chhabra (formerly of Assumption University, Bangkok) and Mrinal Manohar of RVCE judged the 10 match-ups in Round 2. Based on this, rankings were compiled for the 2 member teams as well as individuals. These rankings will be the basis to pick speakers to represent NLSIU in external tournaments such as the Worlds, All-Asians et al.
The Adjudicator Selections were conducted in two parts, with the Test Debate on Sept. 21 and an objective test held on Sept. 23,2005. 43 individuals took both tests and the top 8 scorers in both tests put together form the Adjudication team for this year. The results of the whole process are as follows:

Speakers (Team Rankings)
1. V.R. Neelakantan and Arghya Sengupta
2. Simi Rose George and Sidharth Chauhan
3. Deanne Uyangoda and Abhayraj Naik
4. Suharsh Sinha and Madhav Khosla
5. Aditya Sudarshan and Aniruddha Sen
6. Sanhita Ambast and Adhiraj Singh
7. Karan Lahiri and Jayanth Srinivasan
8. Amartya Roy and Subramanian Natarajan
9. Samrat Singh and Kalrav Mishra
10. Neha Sachdev and Shalini Joseph

Speakers (Individual Rankings)
1. Karan Lahiri
2. Sidharth Chauhan
3. Aditya Sudarshan
4. Arghya Sengupta
5. Abhayraj Naik
6. Deanna Uyangoda
7. V.R. Neelakantan
8. Suharsh Sinha
9. Madhav Khosla
10. Aniruddha Sen
11. Simi Rose George
12. Subramanian Natarajan
13. Sanhita Ambast
14. Jayanth Srinivasan
15. Samrat Singh
16. Adhiraj Singh Malik
17. Kalrav Mishra
18. Amartya Roy
19. Shalini Joseph
20. Neha Sachdev

1. Gitanjali Brandon
2. Tanmay Amar
3. Yaman Verma
4. Uttara Ghorpure
5. Radhika Shah
6. Kamya Rajagopal
7. Sushila Rao
8. Meghna Rajadhyaksha

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Debating Opportunities this year

If you were having second thoughts about participating in the university selections for Parliamentary Debate and Adjudicator selections this year, then do take note of the places you could be visiting if you make it to the teams.

• The 26th World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) will be hosted by the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland between December 27, 2005-January 3, 2006.
• The 13th All Asian Intervarsity Debating Championships will be organized by the University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) but will be held at the popular tourist destination of Langkawi, Malaysia in May 2006.
• The 2nd Asian Universities Debating Championships (AUDC) will be hosted by Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), Philippines in May 2006.
• The next edition of the Australasian Intervarsity Debate will be hosted by Victoria University, Auckland, New Zealand in July 2006.
• Continuing with our practice of exchanges with top Pakistani Universities, we hope to send teams to debates hosted by the University College Lahore (UCL), Government College University (GCU), Lahore and GIKI (in NWFP) in February 2006.
• The Mukherjee Memorial Debate hosted by St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi in November 2005. Besides this we also hope to send teams to newer tournaments all-over the country.

• Join
• Google for ‘Colm Flynn’s World Debating Website’ to find the following two links.
[Adjudication criteria for World Universities (WUDC), European Championships (EDC) and Australasians among others.]
(“APDA guide to Parliamentary debates”)
(See especially “A guide to chairing and adjudicating a worlds style debate”)
• Folders with model arguments are located in the 2nd Row of the CIPRA section, Middle floor of the Library.
• Also available in the NLS library, but for reference only: Brendan Howe (ed.), An Introduction to English Language Debate in Asia (Seoul: EWHA Women’s University Press, 2004)

Report for 2004-2005 session


•In the first trimester of the 2004-05 session, the Literary and Debating Society (‘LnD’ for short) organised University selections in 15 activities for the purpose of identifying NLSIU teams for participation in external activities. These activities included Prepared Debate, Parliamentary-style debates, Extempore, Elocution, Just-A-Minute, Dumb Charades, 20 Questions, What’s the Good Word?, Pictionary, Pot-Pourri, General Quiz and several creative writing categories. The Parliamentary-style debates had more than 60 participants in the preliminary rounds and after an elaborate process spread over several weeks, 20 speakers and 8 adjudicators were short-listed for external representation.
•In the second trimester (Oct. 04-Jan. 05), The LnD organised the literary section of ‘Legala’ the inter-collegiate festival (Nov. 19-21, 2004) which comprised of a whole range of activities similar to those organised for the University selections. In addition the festival featured 5 top-notch quizzes (Literature, Sports, General, Audio Visual, Solo).
• However, the event of the year was the 3rd NLS Debate held simultaneously with ‘Legala’. The tournament follows a parliamentary-style format modeled on International competitions such as the Worlds and the All-Asians tournaments. This edition saw 24 participating teams from all over India as well as Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
• In the third trimester (Mar.-Jun. 2005) the LnD organised a wide range of Inter-class competitions besides contributing to the University Week activities (May 15-22, 2004). From among 15 or so inter-class competitions, the Batch of 2007(3rd year) emerged with the most aggregate points. The highly competitive Inter-Class Parliamentary-style debates were won by the team from the Batch of 2005(5th year), with the runners-up from the Batch of 2008(2nd year).

In addition to this formalized structure, the LnD also organised informal quizzes, movie screenings and debating workshops spread throughout the academic session. The LnD also facilitates the participation of NLSIU students in Inter-collegiate festivals, open competitions and debating tournaments. The significant achievements during the 2004-05 session are listed below:-
• In University Challenge 2004, a national-level Quiz show telecast on BBC World, the NLSIU team comprising of Devottam Sengupta, Arjun Krishnan, Arghya Sengupta and Sidharth Chauhan reached the Semi-final stage (top 4 teams).
• At St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore (Oct. 29-31, 2004):- Pranesh Prakash, M.V. Swaroop, Arjun Sengupta (2nd in General Quiz), Pranesh Prakash, Arun Sagar, Arjun Rajagopal (2nd in Music Quiz)
• At RVCE, Bangalore (Oct. 31, 2004) a team comprising Rahul Jena, Pranesh Prakash and Sidharth Chauhan stood 3rd in a General Quiz.
• At MSRIT, Bangalore (Oct. 30, 2004) a team comprising Rahul Jena, Vinay Joy and Sidharth Chauhan stood 2nd in a Sports Quiz
• At the Bangalore edition of the Landmark Quiz (Nov. 1, 2004) the team comprising of Sumati Dwivedi, Rohit De and Siddharth Nair stood 4th in an Open Quiz which had more than 400 participating teams.
• At Mount Carmel College, Bangalore (Jan. 05) Aniruddha Sen and Aditya Sudarshan were first in the Prepared debate.
• At RVCE, Bangalore (April 25, 2005) a team comprising Rahul Jena, Abhayraj Naik and M.V. Swaroop stood 1st in a General quiz.
• NLSIU students consistently participate in events organised by the Karnataka Quiz Association (KQA). In the Monthly open quiz for March ’05, the team of Rohit De, Siddharth Nair, Arjun Krishnan and Sidharth Chauhan stood 3rd. Sidharth Chauhan was a finalist in the solo collegiate quiz (Aug. 2004) and in the ‘Solus Rex’ event (Dec. 2004).
• At Saarang 2005, the IIT-Madras Collegiate fest (Jan. 22-26, 2005), Siddharth Sen and Sidharth Chauhan were 1st in the Prepared debate, while Sidharth Chauhan was 3rd in Extempore.
• At the Premchand Memorial debate at Hindu College, New Delhi (Feb. 2, 2005) V.R. Neelakantan was declared best speaker.

Representation in Parliamentary debates
• At the Oxford Union Intervarsity debate in the U.K. (Nov. 12-13, 2004) NLSIU was represented by Suharsh Sinha and Karan Lahiri as speakers, with Saionton Basu as an adjudicator.
• At the prestigious Mukherjee Memorial debate hosted by St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi (Dec. 2004) our contingent comprised of V.R. Neelakantan, Prem Mohan, Simi Rose George and Parag Sayta as speakers with Arjun Krishnan as the adjudicator.
• At the 25th World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) hosted by Multi-Media University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia (Dec. 27, 2004-Jan. 3,2005), the team consisting of Mark D’ Souza and Satyajit Sarna participated as speakers, while Tanmay Amar and Atreyee Majumdar were the accompanying adjudicators.
• At the Shah-Jiwana Cup hosted by University College Lahore (Feb. 3-6, 2005) the contingent comprised of Vinay Sitapati, Ameya Kilara, Samrat Singh, Mohammed Nizam Pasha, Jayanth Srinivasan and Suharsh Sinha as speakers with Mark D’ Souza, Tanmay Amar and Pranesh Prakash as the adjudicators.
• At the GIKI parliamentary debates, NWFP, Pakistan (Feb. 11-14, 2005) the team consisting of Aditya Sudarshan, Rohit De and Swati Lohia emerged winners in the tournament. Aditya Sudarshan was awarded best speaker while Sundip Biswas was recognised as Best Adjudicator. The other participants from NLSIU were Faiz Tajuddin, Uttara Ghorpure and Sidharth Chauhan as speakers with Kamya Rajagopal and Tanya Aggarwal as the other adjudicators.
• At IIT-Delhi (Feb. 18, 2005) the team comprising Sumati Dwivedi and Swati Lohia won a parliamentary debate.
• At Lady Shriram College, New Delhi (Feb. 2005) the NLSIU teams that participated in a parliamentary-style debate consisted of Sumati Dwivedi and Swati Lohia as well as Abhayraj Naik and V.R. Neelakantan.
• At the 12th All Asian Intervarsity Debating championships hosted by University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (May 15-21, 2004) the team consisting of Aditya Sudarshan, Rohit De and Aditya Sarkar reached the quarter-finals, while another team consisting of Mohammed Nizam Pasha, Jagannath Iyer and Sidharth Chauhan reached the Octo-finals(round of 16) from among a pool of 70-odd teams. This is the first time that Indian teams have reached the quarter-final stage. Pranesh Prakash and Gitanjali Brandon participated as adjudicators with the latter judging up to the semi-finals stage.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Invite for The 4th NLS Debate, Bangalore-India

National Law School of India University
10th-13th November 2005, Bangalore, India

The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) situated in Bangalore is among India’s premier legal educational institutions, being one that is committed to excellence and continuing innovation. The prestigious Literary and Debating Society of NLSIU embodies this commitment in its activities.
To expand its debating culture into organisation as well, NLSIU also hosts its own debate, the National Law School Debate (‘NLS Debate’), which is in its fourth edition this year. Over the last three years, the debate has grown in size as well as popularity. From a truly national debate in 2002 where St. Stephen’s College (New Delhi) took top honours, it graduated to an international one with active participation from Pakistani universities in 2003 when the team from IIT-Delhi had emerged winners. In 2004 we saw teams from New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai taking part, along with representation from universities in Lahore, Colombo and even the NWFP, giving the tournament a truly SAARC flavour. Incidentally the current defending champions are from University College Lahore. This year we seek to further expand the debate by inviting institutions from all over Asia and beyond.

As in the past three editions, this year’s competition will be following the parliamentary-style format which will largely be similar to that followed in the All-Asian championships. There will be at least 5 preliminary rounds, where each team will face opponents in the ‘3-on-3’ style with Points of information(POI's) and reply speeches. The top teams will progress to the Knock-out stage culminating in the grand-finals on November 13, 2005. Besides being a test for the speakers, the adjudicators will also be continuously under scrutiny with an individualised feedback system in place. It goes without saying that the hosts NLSIU will not field competitive teams. For details on the format, e-mail to recieve a soft copy of the rules document.

Each institution can send up to 2 teams, each consisting of 3 speakers and an accompanying adjudicator (n=1). Please note that all participants who register as speakers will be required to show proof of enrolment in the Universities or Institutions that they are representing for the 2005-06 session. Though we encourage student adjudicators to participate it is open to Faculty, Alumni, Trainers and friends to register as accompanying adjudicators. Teams are required to give us advance notice if it is not possible for them to bring along accompanying adjudicators.
On account of considerations of scale, we find ourselves compelled to restrict the team-cap to the first 40 teams who register. We will be providing food and accommodation for all participants for the duration of the debate.
For preliminary registration, just send an e-mail to, informing us of the expected strength of your contingent and your institutional contacts. Once your team-composition and travel-plans have been finalised, send us a confirmatory e-mail informing us of the same (Latest by October 30, 2005). The registration fees will have to be paid at the introductory briefing on November 10, 2005. The Registration fees are as follows:
Local Teams (Bangalore only): INR 200 per individual
Out-station teams (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh): INR 500 per individual
Outside SAARC teams: US $ 30 per individual
Please note that this amount covers accommodation for 4 days from November 10(Thursday) to the morning of November 14(Monday). The debating matches themselves will be held over three days at our campus on November 11, 12 and 13, 2005.

International Teams
Past experience has shown that the presence of International teams greatly improves the debating experience. Furthermore, NLSIU is committed towards introducing more and more South Asian universities to the debating formats used in tournaments such as the Worlds, All-Asians and Australs. The NLS debate is an ideal platform for spreading the debating movement in South Asia and experienced International teams will be giving us a great boost by taking part in our tournament. In order to facilitate visa-processing we would request foreign institutions to send us a final list of participants along with their passport numbers, at the earliest possible date.
We hope to see your institution taking part in the 4th National Law School Debate.

Contacts- e-mail:
Chief Adjudicators:
V.R. Neelakantan: 9342509011,
Sumati Dwivedi.
Abhayraj Naik: 9886316432,
Tournament Convenor: Sidharth Chauhan: 9886922576
(Country code- 0091, city code- 080)

Postal Address: The Literary and Debating Society,
National Law School of India University, PO Bag 7201,
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore – 560072, Karnataka, India.

Competitions at Legala 2005, hosted by NLSIU, Bangalore

Le'GALA 2005
National Law School of India University (NLSIU)
16th-18th December 2005, Bangalore, India

Le'gala is the Inter-collegiate literary and cultural festival hosted every year by National Law School of India University, Bangalore. This year’s edition marks 10 years of the same and will be held between December 16-18, 2005. This year’s Legala will feature the following competitive activities.

Team Games
Dumb Charades (DC): Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 6 teams
Twenty Questions (20 Q): Teams of 2, Prelims followed by finals with 6 teams
What’s the Good Word?(WTGW): Teams of 2, Prelims followed by finals with 6 teams
Pictionary: Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 6 teams
Pot-Pourri (mixture of DC, 20 Q, WTGW, Pictionary, Quiz): Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 6 teams
Sports Quiz: Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 8 teams
Literature and Entertainment Quiz: Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 8 teams.
Collegiate General Quiz: Teams of 3, Prelims followed by finals with 8 teams
The NLS Open Quiz: Teams of 4, Prelims followed by finals with 8 teams. (This activity is open to participants from all age groups)
Speaking activities
Just-A-Minute (JAM): Solo activity, Knock-out rounds with 8 participants in final session
Extempore: Solo activity, Will include rounds such as Turncoat, Shipwreck et al. Prelims followed by finals with 6 participants.
Elocution: Solo activity, Presentation of prose, poetry, speeches et al. Direct finals. (Time limit: 6 minutes per presentation)
Writing Activities
Short Stories
(Topics will be supplied on the days of the festival. Individuals will be allowed to submit more than one entry for each category.)
Please note that all of the above-mentioned competitive activities ‘except The NLS Open Quiz’ are restricted to students, which implies PUC/Undergrad/Post-grad levels. ‘The NLS Open Quiz’, as the name suggests will be open to all age-groups irrespective of institutional affiliations. In all activities involving teams, students from different institutions can team-up together.
e-mail: (The Literary and Debating Society, NLSIU)
Tel: Siddharth Sen -9886247217
Music and Dance
Western Music: There will be five competitive categories, namely Instrumental Solo, Instrumental Group, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet and Vocal Group.
Eastern Music: There will be six competitive categories, namely Instrumental Solo, Instrumental Group, Vocal Classical Solo, Vocal Light Solo, Vocal Duet and Vocal Group.
Mini Musical: Teams of 4. Only one entry per college
Mock Rock: Teams of 8. Only one entry per college
Choreography: Teams of 4- 8, Up to 2 teams per college.
Antakashari: 1 per college, teams of 2, preliminary and finals will be held.
Stage-Play: No limits on the number of members. Only one production per college. Time limit 30 minutes- 1 hour, counted from ‘empty-stage’ to ‘empty stage’. Halogens and basic furniture will be provided. Non-student groups and mixed groups can also take part. Register at least 6 hours in advance.
Street Play: 4-15 members per team. One entry per college. Time limit 15-20 minutes. No elaborate props allowed.
Mono Acting: Time limit 5-10 minutes
Movie Spoofs: 8 members per team. Time limit 10-12 minutes.
Fine Arts
Mad Art: No restrictions on members.
Just-A-Minute Sketching: Teams of 3.
Rangoli And Mehendi: For Rangoli, teams of two are allowed. For Mehendi only two members on a team with one person painting the hand of other.
Face and Toe Painting: 2 members per team, with one person the artist. Subject to the participation the event might be made open. Two teams per college.
Freestyle: Teams of 4-6. One entry per college.
Clay Modeling: no restrictions on number of participants or entries per college.
Collage: No restrictions on number of members. One entry per college.
Daily Activities
Cartooning- all day event
Painting and Sketching- all day event
Photography- all day event
e-mail: (Cultural and Fine Arts Committee, NLSIU)
Tel: Kranthi V.- 9886326167
‘Strawberry fields’ is India’s largest rock-show, organised by NLSIU students. The next edition is scheduled for December 16-18, 2005 at the famous Palace Grounds. This competition has been rated as the best college-organised rock-festival in the country, beating others such as IIT-Bombay, BITS-Pilani and IIT-Madras.
e-mail: (Rock show)
Tel: Roshan B.- 9886946640
Rampart is the Inter-Collegiate fashion-show hosted by NLSIU. This year’s edition is scheduled for December 15, 2005.
e-mail:, (Fashion show)
Tel: Pranay Chandran-9886485858
Enquiries for accommodation for out-station teams (Event Management Committee, NLSIU)
Tel: M.V. Swaroop- 9886259792
Postal Address: Student Bar Association (SBA),
National Law School of India University, PO Bag 7201,
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore – 560072, Karnataka, India.
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About The Literary and Debating Society at NLSIU, Bangalore

The Literary and Debating Society (2005-06)
National Law School of India University, Bangalore

The Literary and Debating Society (or ‘LnD’ for short) is easily one of the most visible entities among the various Activity Based Committees that are part of the student body at NLSIU, Bangalore. We organise a wide range of competitive as well as informal activities which draw substantial participation from the student body throughout the year.
In the first trimester of the session (July-Sept.) we organise ‘University Selections’ to shortlist teams for representing NLSIU in external competitions. The activities so covered in the 2005-06 session are:
Parliamentary Debates
Prepared Debate
Extempore Public-speaking
Dumb Charades
Twenty Questions
What’s the Good Word?
General Quiz
Writing Activities- poems, short-stories, essays

A similar range of activities are organised as part of the ‘Inter-class activities’ during the third trimester of the academic session (March-June) which culminate in the much awaited ‘University Week’ that is held in May every year. Apart from these competitive activities at an intra-institutional level, the LnD also organises informal quizzes, movie screenings, open discussions and debates throughout the academic year.
However, our crown jewels are ‘Legala’ (the Inter-collegiate Literary and Cultural festival) and the ‘NLS Debate’ (India’s biggest Parliamentary-style debate) which are organised concurrently in November.
The Literary section at ‘Legala’ draws participation from the best colleges in the whole spectrum of competitions involving public-speaking, quizzing, writing et al. Besides, high quality content and intense competition, participants can also enjoy themselves with several informal games during the 3 days of the festival. For information on the competitive activities, please mail
The past editions of the ‘NLS Debate’ have not only got participation from colleges all over India, but also from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The 4th edition is scheduled for November 10-13, 2005 and the LnD hopes to host teams from all over Asia and beyond. This year’s competition will follow the ‘Asians 3-on-3’ parliamentary format. All queries concerning registration, rules and sponsorship may be directed to
In order to maintain fairness, NLSIU teams do not participate in the competitive activities at ‘Legala’ and ‘NLS Debate’.

As far as participation in external competitions is concerned, NLSIU teams are regular performers at College festivals around Bangalore, the prominent ones being those hosted by IIM-Bangalore, R.V. College of Engineering, St. John’s Medical College, St. Joseph’s College and Christ College among others. Quizzing enthusiasts from Law School are regular participants in the activities of the Karnataka Quiz Association (KQA) and the British Council amongst other institutions. NLSIU also has a good track record in literary and public speaking activities at out-station collegiate festivals such as ‘Mood Indigo’ (IIT-Bombay) and ‘Saarang’ (IIT-Madras). Our quizzers have appeared on BBC World’s ‘Mastermind India’ (Fifth Series in 2002) and on ‘University Challenge’ in 2003 and 2004.
In addition to the ‘NLS Debate’, our credentials have been further boosted by the regular representation of NLSIU at International events.
We have sent teams to the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) for four consecutive years, namely to the editions at Hart House, Toronto (2002), Stellenbosch, South Africa (2003), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2004) and Multi Media University, Malaysia (2005). One of our teams even reached the ESL division finals at the Toronto Worlds.
NLSIU has also built up some visibility at the All-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championships. We have sent teams to the editions at Mahidol, Thailand (May 2002), University of Technology Malaysia (Oct. 2003), Assumption, Thailand (May 2004) and University of Malaya, Malaysia (May 2005). In the 2003 UTM Asians, a team from NLSIU became the first Indian team to make the break to the top 16 teams. One of our adjudicators judged up to the grand finals and another judged up to the semi-finals. In the 2005 UM Asians, two NLSIU teams made the break to the octo-finals with one reaching the quarter-finals. Again, one of our adjudicators judged up to the semi-finals.
We have also been represented at the Oxford Intervarsity Debate in 2003 and 2004, where our speakers competed against the best British and Irish Universities.
NLSIU teams have also participated in Parliamentary style debates hosted by Pakistani Institutions such as University College Lahore (in Feb. 2004 and Feb. 2005) and the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences in NWFP (Feb. 2005) with one team even winning the latter competition. In the domestic scene, NLSIU has won the prestigious Mukherjee Memorial debate hosted by St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The Literary and Debating Society (2005-06) consists of the following:
Sidharth Chauhan, 3rd year (Convenor)
Siddharth Sen , 4th year (Joint Convenor)
V.R. Neelakantan, 5th year
Pranesh Prakash, 3rd year
Simi Rose George, 3rd year
Uttara Ghorpure, 2nd year
Chaitanya Ramachandran, 2nd year
Karan Lahiri, 2nd year
Vrinda Maheshwari, 1st year
Yaman Verma, 1st year
Thomas John, 4th year
Rahul Jena, 4th year
Aditya Verma, 2nd year
Eashan Ghosh, 1st year
Akshay Sreevatsa, 1st year

Tel: Sidharth Chauhan, 91-80-9886922576, Siddharth Sen -91-80-9886247217
Postal Address: The Literary and Debating Society,
National Law School of India University, PO Bag 7201,
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore – 560072, Karnataka, India.